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This is NASA’s Plan in Case Earth is Hit by an Asteroid

This is NASA’s Plan in Case Earth is Hit by an Asteroid The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released a report outlining the procedures NASA and FEMA will take to prevent such a cataclysmic event. The “National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy and Action Plan” lists five ways we will prepare for an asteroid strike: 1. NASA will continue to enhance technologies that can detect and track near-Earth asteroids. 2. Improvement of "modeling, prediction and information integration" across the U.S. to predict when and where an asteroid would strike. 3. Launching a spacecraft toward an Earth-bound asteroid to change its course. 4. With leadership from the U.S., foster international communications to help prepare the rest of the world. 5. FEMA would handle an asteroid impact the same as any other natural disaster, with its emergency-alert system. But the probability of this action-plan being put to use is pretty slim, according to experts. “NASA and its partners have id

Source: Inform News

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