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Gaming App Slammed for Claiming HIV ‘Can Kill You’

Gaming App Slammed for Claiming HIV ‘Can Kill You’ Activists are criticizing the popular mobile quiz game Stop for having HIV as an answer to the category ‘Things that can kill you.’ “HIV is no longer a death sentence, and those who are diagnosed early and on effective treatment can expect to live healthy lives for as long as anyone else.” “Trivializing HIV in this way is dangerous and reinforces stigma and myths that still surround the virus.” Horwood is referring to antiretroviral therapy, which slows the progression of HIV to AIDS and helps those with the virus live longer, healthier lives. Horwood reached out Fanatee, the app’s development team, to disable the answer, and Fanatee responded with: “Fanatee doesn’t discriminate people based on race, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender or any other characteristic.” “We’d also like to emphasize that the name of the category is “Things that can kill you”, which means that what is listed in this category is potentially lethal, but

Source: Inform News

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