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Common Assists Starbucks With Anti-Racial Bias Training

Common Assists Starbucks With Anti-Racial Bias Training The rapper is featured in an anti-bias training video that will be shown to some 175,000 employees across 8,000 store locations on May 29. A preview video for the four-hour training states that Common will act as one of the guides to “help folks start exploring their own identities.” The training will also present a film by documentarian Stanley Nelson called ‘You’re Welcome,’ which explores ideas behind bias and how it affects people. Last month, Starbucks announced it would close stores to conduct anti-bias training after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia location. Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson were non-paying customers, who were waiting inside the store for a business partner when the cops were called. The company has reached a $1 settlement with the men and changed its policies to allow non-paying customers to use its bathrooms and occupy the stores.

Source: Inform News

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