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Bill Gates: Through the eyes of a billionaire

Bill Gates is one of the smartest and wealthiest people alive. But how did he get there? Gates was shy and read quite a bit in his younger years. Later, as a teen, he would meet his future Microsoft partner Paul Allen. The pair spent time developing computer programs and software, but then separated before college. Fast forward a few years later and in 1975, Gates and Allen coined what is now the one of the world's largest computer software businesses Microsoft. Over the course of the next three decades, Gates would elevate his company to new heights, powering IBM computers, developing the windows operating system and donating to charities. Outside of the tech scene, Gates married Melinda French in 1994. They would later have three children. The couple have their own foundation and have donated billions of dollars towards issues like health and education. Gates has been the recipient of several major awards throughout his life, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Source: Inform News

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